DOOM SAYER by Zachary T. Owen


From the author of BURN DOWN THE HOUSE AND EVERYONE IN IT. Four best friends find their reunion ruined by a gang of men in hideous baby masks. An orphan is imprisoned in a room full of bloodthirsty, childless mothers. A mutant tangles with a famous artist over a magical box. Man and anus face off against each other in a darkly humorous game of cat and mouse. These horrific tales and others make up DOOM SAYER, another collection of dark fiction from Zachary T. Owen.

“These stories will shatter you, stick with you, and lay eggs under your skin, and you’ll love it.” Gabino Iglesias, author of ZERO SAINTS

“His cerebral brand of horror fiction offers its audiences genuinely terrifying moments that have little to do with the gimmicky horror you’re being sold by mainstream media today.” Benoit Lelievre, DEAD END FOLLIES

“These stories touch on just about any angle of fear that you may have.” Dawn Mivshek, MODERN HORRORS



Stuffed full of Xmas magic and stomach churning ultra-violence, it’s THE HUNGER GAMES garroted with fairy lights and force fed to THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS! The devil only wants to be adored, and thinks that remaking himself as “Satan Claus” will win the hearts of the world’s children. From dictator of Hell to beloved myth of childhood, it’s certainly an ambitious career change. He totally fucks it up. Trying to set things right, he invites children from every country in the world to the North Pole to take part in a contest, a scavenger hunt, with the winners becoming his little helpers on Xmas Eve. With Adolf the Red-Nosed Reichdeer and his army of dwarf Elvis Presley clones helping, it’s bound to be a success… Except for one problem. All the kids are armed to the teeth. And all the kids want to kill him.



From the author of DAMNATION 101 and THE WHOREHOUSE THAT JACK BUILT COMES a bizarro novel about insane evolution, in four parts.
Victorian robots wager on death-matches between mutant children… on the island of super villain Dr Tomorrow, furry morons are put on trial for their lives… glory holes are not the only source of bathroom loveā€¦ and in the future, monsters wage holy war over the last resource on Earth; frozen celebrities.



After a long period of hibernation, Black Rainbows Press has awoken. We’ve overhauled and streamlined and buffed and polished and generally had a makeover, as well as significantly purged the back catalog. Oh, those texts are not gone, only awaiting revision and re-release, and three of our older titles are still here in their original skins, just as good as ever. To kick off the new era we start with a new release by Kevin Sweeney (DAMNATION 101, THE WHOREHOUSE THAT JACK BUILT, SIDESHOW P.I. with Nathaniel Lambert), a glorious deranged offering called EXQUISITE CORPSE ORGY. Check it out in the next post.

It’s good to be back.