Jordan Krall

Moonshine smuggling in New Jersey unleashes a Civil War hangover of squid parts, car crashes, stove pipe hats, urethral insertion fetishism, and a hankering for pancakes. King Scratch, a nightmare from the mind that birthed Piecemeal June and Fistful of Feet.

“King Scratch is a vertiginous, dantesque night journey into a very special, very demented American Noir Hell of obscure starlets, golden showers and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.” – Garrett Cook, author of Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective



Tom Bradley

A lapsed Mormon banjoist losing his mind on the London tube… A Japanese language teacher being fisted in the Utah desert by Uncompahgre Indians while their squaws gnaw on his fingers… An acid-addled fourteen-year-old’s brain dalliance with an old lady in a Nevada psych ward… Who else could it be? “Tom Bradley is one of the most criminally underrated authors on the planet.” Andrew Gallix, 3AM MAGAZINE



Kevin Sweeney

The evil one is retiring, and he is leaving his granddaughter in charge of the family business. She is not happy about this. Meet Bibbidibobbidibu the vain, sarcastic, foul tempered monster who can give you everything you ever dreamed of, your heart’s darkest desire, your most secret hope made flesh. And it won’t cost you a thing… except your sanity, you skin, your family, your life, and very possibly your soul. Featuring the last HUMAN BEING on Earth… a liar who tells the truth, the whole truth, and ANYTHING BUT the truth… and an imaginary friend with MURDER on her mind.