Founded in April 2008, we are a micro-press specializing in bizarro, weird, and dark fiction.

Our open reading period is coming… if you’re thinking of submitting, please be at least a little familiar with the kind of things we are interested in, which means being familiar with our previous titles, or those of similar publishers.
The submitting process will be simple; there will be an email address. You will need to send a message to that address containing:
1) A little information about your work, and why you think it will fit us (previous credits and so on; if you’ve posted reviews of our previous titles or those of authors in similar stables, mention those here.)
2) The first chapter or 2000 words of whatever you want to submit, pasted into the email. No attachments.

That’s it. From there we will either ask for more or politely decline.

What do we offer? Not much, but we do obey the golden rule of publishing; money flows TOWARDS the author, not away from.