ACA Cover

“Imagine, as part of his act, a stand-up comedian sets fire to himself and the club in which he’s performing to a sold-out crowd. Then imagine the crowd—instead of running for their lives—laughing wildly and applauding furiously as they all go up in flames. A Clockwork Aubergine is something like the literary equivalent of that.” Douglas Hackle, author of CLOWN TEAR JUNKIES and THE HOTTEST GAY MAN EVER KILLED IN A SHARK ATTACK

An absurdist anti-novel. A story for the ages, a secret-menu, a shibboleth, obscene haiku fingerprinted in greasepaint and monkey brains, a gonzo mash-up of genres ranging from Wild Western Wuxia to Soviet-Splattersteampunk-Realism, where foes become friends, friends become hovercraft, and someone keeps drunk dialling to satisfy their curiosity about snowmen. What is the Birthday Monster? Should we be buried wearing sunglasses, just to mess with future archaeologists? Is it a whale or a cheerleader? All of these questions and two more will be answered in, A CLOCKWORK AUBERGINE.


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